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VM hosting server setup

There are a few choices for hosting server setup:

  1. Rocks Xen hosting server
  2. Rocks KVM hosting server
  3. Ezilla by NCHC

Application VMs Deployment


  1. Bloss+GeoGrid
  2. FMotif
  3. LZU-Bio1
  4. Bioapp - some manual, some automated. See how to use VM after a successful configuration.


  1. PRAGMA Cloud Rocks/Xen site setup
    Auto-deploy on Rocks/Xen
  2. PRAGMA Cloud Rocks/KVM site setup - Rocks 6.0 and above will no longer support Xen, but support KVM. To setup a Rocks/KVM system, follow the same procedure as PRAGMA Cloud Rocks/Xen site setup, but use Rocks 6.0 and KVM roll.
    Auto-deploy on Rocks/KVM
  3. Auto-deploy with KVM/OpenNebula

VM migration

  1. virt-v2v testing
  2. PIAX/OpenVPN/Xen - Rocks VM
  3. KVM - Rocks VM (Xen)
  4. WAVNet

VC Sharing


Preliminary exploration - UCSD manually deplopy AIST/NCHC VCs
SC12 meeting notes
Rocks VC experiment 1


Auto-deploy VC on Rocks


VC sharing Interface standards
VC sharing roles and tasks


Create and migrate VMs on Rocks 5.3 Xen

Setup a virtual cluster for globus applications in PRAGMA grid

Rocks 5.3, X86_64

Setup a user remote access to VM


Replicate a virtual cluster

AFG VC replication on the same VM hosting server
Virtual cluster replication to a different site
Virtual cluster replication on the same VM hosting server
Replicate GEO Satellite Field Integrator server

Issues and notes

Compute nodes start-up after ungraceful shutdown