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PRAGMA STUDENT started from PRAGMA 22 (April 17-19 2012) in Australia 
and continued to work together to enhance development of a unique model 
to involve graduate students in PRAGMA scientific research teams. 
PRAGMA 22 Student Meeting.jpg


To give graduate students the opportunities for learning leadership, research techniques 
and also providing networking opportunities.
Make Student Network, Strengthen Student Research

Steering Committee

Established with four active members from Japan, South Korea and U.S. 
with various backgrounds to speed up the decision making processes.
  * Meilan Jiang:	        Konkuk University
  * Taiki Tada: 		Osaka University
  * Uma Pavalanathan:	        Indiana University
  * Yuan Luo: 		        Indiana University
Current Steering Committee members
  * Meilan Jiang:	        Konkuk University
  * Yuan Luo: 		Indiana University
  * Quan Zhou(Gabriel): 	Indiana University

Kohji Muraoka: University of Waikato (Advisory, CO-Chair of GLEON GSA)  [1])


PRAGMA Students is mentored by a group of PRAGMA members. 
See details in Mentor and Project Lists.


1. Student Workshop
 - PRAGMA 23 student workshop (9th Oct 2012 Seoul, Korea)
        * Introduction to PRAGMA (Taiki)
        * Invited talks from PRAGMA leaders 
          Shinji Simojo, Putchong, Cindy, Hongliang li, Peter
        * Student presentation (Guohua li – local student)
        PRAGMA 23 Student Workshop.jpg
 - PRAGMA 24 student workshop (th April 2013 Bangkok, Thailand)
        * Introduction to PRAGMA (Yuan)

2. Poster Session
 - PRAGMA 23 Poster Session (10th Oct 2012)
3. Distributed Seminar
 - 1st Distributed Seminar
 - 2nd Distributed Seminar
4. Bi-weekly Skype Meeting 
 - Aprill 2012 ~ pres
5. Global Collaboration
 - Joint PRAGMA, GLEON, and ASLO student workshop at 2nd ASLO annual meeting (2012.7)
 * ALSO - the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography

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PRAGMA Students Wiki
PRAGMA Students Facebook Group 
PRAGMA Students Meeting Notes (Access Permission Required)

Article about GLEON GSA and PRAGMA collaboration [2]