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e-AIRS (http://eairs.kisti.re.kr/gridsphere/gridsphere) is an e-Science application portal for aerodynamic researches. The system supports the full procedure of CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis, the remote experiment, integrated analysis of numerical and experimental researches, and the collaboration solution. The objectives of e-AIRS are:

• Accurate and efficient CFD research tools

• Scale-independent CFD applications operating on the Grid computing system

• Remote wind tunnel experiment

• Easy-to-use portal interface

• Integrated research support for numerical and experimental analysis with automatic high throughput computing tool

• Powerful collaboration system with the Access Grid

e-AIRS Portal

e-AIRS portal consists of the following menus:

• Project Setting Project-case data architecture gives a good way to manage various research data. A project is the set of many cases with the same geometry with mesh system and, every case has its own flow conditions such as Mach number, Reynolds number, and angle of attack. Both the computational and experimental researches can be conducted on each case.

• CFD Service Conventional CFD research procedure is:

CFD Procedure.jpg

e-AIRS CFD service supports the mesh generator of 'e-AIRSmesh', various in-house CFD solvers of 2- and 3- dimensions with automatic domain partitioning, and a visualization software of 'e-AIRSview'.

• Remote Experiment Service The remote experiment service presents wind tunnel experimental data for users who don't possess a wind tunnel. This service has two kinds of user interface: the client UI and the operator UI. If you are a client, you can request an aerodynamic force/moment measurement and PIV(Particle Image Velocimetry) experiment and you can be notified the experiment situation by an e-mail. After the experimnet has finished, you can check the results on the experiment information service.

• PSS(Parametric Study Service) PSS is an integrated research tool for CFD and experiment. At first, validation service supports the comparison of CFD and experimental dataset. And then, users can conduct further numerical analyses using PSS analysis tool. PSS supports automatic generation of sub-cases between two neighbouring data and conducts high throughput computing for those new cases.

• Collaboration System The basis of the collaboration system of the e-AIRS is the Access Grid Toolkit(AGTk - http://www.accessgrid.org/) . On this portal interface, you can make a session(meeting) reservation by choosing collaborators and data to share. If you don't have any informaton, you can get information in the accessgird organization.

System Architecture

System Architecture.jpg

Users' Workflow

1. CFD Service

CFD Workflow.jpg

2. Remote Experiment Service

Exp Workflow.jpg

3. Parametric Study Service

PSS Workflow.jpg

4. Collaboration Service

Coll Workflow.jpg

Current Status

Currently, system developers are concentrating on stabilizing e-AIRS portal. Stable multi-user support for the synchronous access of more than 30~50 people to a portal system has been deliberated and continual improvements have been accomplished.

With regard to more support for the researches, more CFD in-house solvers are updated now and more functionalities are included in the mesh generation software of our own, 'e-AIRSmesh'.

Developers are expecting to open the portal to public in September, 2007.

Developers and Sponsors

e-AIRS is developed by

KISTI.jpg Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information

SNU.jpg Seoul National University

SMWU.jpg Sookmyung Women's University

And the collaborators and sponsors are

MoST.jpg Ministry of Science and Technology - Finalcial Support

KARI.jpg Korea Aerospace Research Institute - Remote Experiment Support