VC sharing roles and tasks

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VC authors

A VC author is the one to create VC images (1 frontend image and 1 compute node image), provides information about the VC and if needed provide reconfiguration script for the VC when it's deployed to a different network environment. Here are the steps for VC authors:

  • Create a VC with your desired applications, verify its functionalities through testing
  • If there are network-sensitive applications and/or services in the new VC, provide /root/VCreconfig script for reconfiguring VC after it's deployed to a new network environment.
  • Create a xml file for the VC use this [ vc-in.xml | template ]
  • Tar and gzip VC frontend image and one compute node image file
  • Deposit the xml file and VC images files in gfarm path /vm-images/<institution>/<VC-name> directory
  • Add an entry for the new VC gfarm /vm-images/vcdb.txt file

For example:


Resource providers

Resource providers should provide pragma_boot script which allow users deploy VCs on their resources. See implementation examples at


  • Make sure you have Gfarm access before running pragma_boot
  • vc-name should match a first field of an entry in gfarm:/vm-images/vcdb.txt
  • The scripts log messages in $HOME/pragma_boot.log
  • After the new VC is boot up, ssh to the new VC frontend, see if /root/VCreconfig bash script and /root/vc-out.xml exist. If both exist, run /root/VCreconfig.