SC12 meeting

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Attendees: Phil, Yoshio, Weicheng, Cindy

Based on Phil’s manual VC deployment experiences and our prior email 
discussions, we discussed and agreed:
a.	VC owner should provide necessary information in a xml file 
along with one VC frontend image file and one compute node image file. 
We will design a standard format for the xml file. (For now, let’s call 
the xml file vc-in.xml.)
b.	Provider should be able to deploy the VC and provide output 
in a xml file, deposit it in the deployed frontend /root directory. 
(For now, let’s assume that path is /root/vc-out.xml)
c.	The provider’s responsibility is to bring the VC nodes up and 
provide the VC owner access to the VC nodes
d.	It’s VC owner’s responsibility to reconfigure applications 
(if needed) in the VC. The VC owner can use the /root/vc-out.xml to 
reconfigure any applications in the VC. A reconfiguration script can 
be set to run at the first boot and take /root/vc-out.xml as input 
and do all the reconfiguration automatically.
We will proceed in the following steps: 
1.	I will make a generic VC, vc-in.xml and vc-out.xml, have 
everyone comment, modify the xml formats
2.	I will try to deploy the VC with the resulting xml file 
3.	AIST and NCHC will try to deploy the VC with the xml file 
on their platforms manually
4.	All will discuss and come up with a command-line standard 
for auto deploy script
5.	UCSD, AIST and NCHC develop/test auto deployment script