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National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Thailand

"Turbulence is a typical type of fluid flows that can be observed 
in our daily life, for  example, flows around a car or a plane. 
Ability to predict turbulence is important for creating innovation
in many scientific disciplines. We are interested in finding a new 
RANS turbulence model for predicting turbulence. To achieve the goal,
highly accurate direct numerical simulation (DNS) data sets  are 
needed and this results in high computational requirements."
  • Application services:
    • Autodock 3.0.5
      • Path: /opt/Autodock/
    • Intel C/C++ and Fortran version 8.0
    • MPICH
    • Gfarm file system
  • Prioritized tasks:
  • Resources Information:
    • Hardware 4 nodes
      • Dual Itanium 2 1.4GHz, Cache 3MB
      • Memory 4GB
      • Disk U320 SCSI 36 GB
      • Interconnection: Gigabit network
    • Software
      • ROCKS Cluster 4.1
      • Scheduler: Torque
  • Notes: