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How to setup Iperf for SCMSWeb bandwidth measurements

Very simple :-)

  • First make sure that your scmsweb version is 3.2.1 or later and scmsweb-bandwidth package has been installed.
    • To check the version numbers, do:
# rpm -qa | grep scmsweb
  • If the version numbers is below 3.2.1 or if scmsweb-bandwidth package is missing, then download and install the most current version of the following packages:
    • scmsweb
    • scmsweb-accounting
    • scmsweb-bandwidth
    • scmsweb-glue
    • scmsweb-probe.
  • Make sure you have Iperf installed on your front-end and note the path for Iperf software.
  • Add the path to iperf binaries to <SCMSWeb-installation-directory>/env.sh
    • For example, if iperf is installed in /opt/iperf and SCMSWeb is installed in /usr/share/scmsweb, then add this line in /usr/share/scmsweb/env.sh
PATH="/opt/iperf/bin:$PATH"; export PATH
  • Add iperf in rc.local, so it will run when system starts up
    • For example, if iperf is installed in /opt/iperf, add this line in /etc/rc.local
/opt/iperf/bin/iperf -s -p 15001 >& /var/log/iperf.log < /dev/null &

You can use different port# than 15001.

  • Set your firewall to allow iperf to communicate with all PRAGMA Grid sites.
  • Create a <SCMSWeb-installation-directory>/grid/PRAGMA/probe.conf file. (See example below) This will enable full-mesh bandwidth measurements from your cluster to all other clusters in PRAGMA grid. If the "grid" and "PRAGMA" subdirectories do not exist, create them.
    • For example, if SCMSWeb is installed in /usr/share/scmsweb, and the email address for your local admin/support is "suport@local.edu", then the probe.conf should be
xmlpath = /usr/share/scmsweb/incoming/cluster/pragma.xml
textpath = /usr/share/scmsweb/grid/PRAGMA/pragma.txt
htmlpath = /usr/share/scmsweb/grid/PRAGMA/pragma.html

name = PRAGMA
target = http://goc.pragma-grid.net/cgi-bin/scmsweb/probe.cgi?target=PRAGMA
smtp = localhost
email = support@local.edu
timeout = 40
probe0 = Iperf
  • To start iperf without restarting the system, run the iperf command manually.

For example:

/opt/iperf/bin/iperf -s -p 15001 >& /var/log/iperf.log < /dev/null &
  • Inform Cindy Zheng that your iperf is ready and the port number your iperf run on. So Cindy can add your site into the iperf matrix on GOC.

To view your iperf status, see
To view all the bandwidth measurements, see

If you see any problems, have any questions or suggestions, please email Sugree and Cindy.