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BeSTGRID, New Zealand


Vladimir Mencl


Quick start

To gain access to BeSTGrid, you must be a member of a PRAGMA VOMRS group which has registered with BeSTGrid.

The group manager of a new VOMRS group should register with BeSTGrid by filling in a project description and an account request form (pick an account name of the form grid-xxx) at, also email the site contact. Then wait for BeSTGrid site administrator to inform you when the group account and access is ready.

After the account is setup, to test and submit jobs, here is a simple example:

$ grid-proxy-init
$ globusrun-ws -submit -s -F -Ft Loadleveler -c /usr/bin/id

Most users should only belong to one VO group. But if you are a member of multiple VO groups, see how to specify which group to use at

Resource status

realtime status

Application status

Prioritized tasks