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Advanced Science and Technology Institute, Philippines

Web Pages


Application Installed

  • Autodock

Resources Status

Virtual Cluster Hardware

  • Number of nodes
    • 1 virtual frontend on the public network
    • 12 virtual compute nodes on the private network
  • CPU/Memory
    • 2.0 GHz Intel Xeon(2 cores per compute node) / 4096 MB RAM
  • HDD
    • 100 GB - frontend
    • 36 GB - per compute node

OS and System Software

  • Rocks release 5.3 (Rolled Tacos)
  • Rolls
    • area51
    • base
    • bio
    • ganglia
    • hpc
    • kernel
    • os
    • torque
    • web-server

User Mapping

Account Name
cindy Cindy Zheng
afguser Avian Flu Grid
agarcia Alberto Garcia
avery Tan Kah Bee
blair Blair Bethwaite
cme Colin Enticott
cxue Charles Xue
donny Donny Kurniawan
eairs Jongbae Moong
fplin Fang-Pang Lin
gclzheng gclzheng
gridacct JunWei Zhangg
habibah Habibah Wahabg
hgkim HanGi kim
ikegami Tsutomu Ikegamig
jas John Sanabriag
jysoo Jysoo Leeg
ktlee Keith Truong Lee
kylo Ka Yan Lo
minhdq Dao Quang Minh
mlevesqu Marshall James Levesqueg
mmui Matthew Mui
nabil Nabil
tanisuke Yusuke Tanimurag
tatebe Osamu Tatebeg
wilfred Wilfred Lig
wyim Wen-wai Yim
yoshio Yoshio Tanakag
zding Zhaohui Dingg
zhengc Cindy Zhengg
zhyang Yang Zhang
zoppi Laura Zoppig


  • Please email the sysad for account requests and technical problems.