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National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

  • Account management
    • Accounts are setup according to the information from the PRAGMA VO Membership Registration Service. Users should apply the VO membership by following these instructions. AIST can provide both shared accounts and individual accounts upon users' request.
    • Users who got the account before PRAGMA 16, can login the SAKURA cluster with the old account when they generate a proxy certificate with globus-proxy-init. This configuration will be kept until PRAGMA 17.
    • For the shared account, each user's home directory is a separate subdirectory of the account's home directory, named after the user's DN. Here is an example.
 Yusuke Tanimura@sakura ~ $ voms-proxy-info -subject
 /C=JP/O=AIST/OU=GRID/CN=Yusuke Tanimura/CN=proxy/CN=proxy
 Yusuke Tanimura@sakura ~ $ echo $HOME
  • Application status:
  • Prioritized tasks:
    • N/A.
  • Notes:
    • Do not execute any long-running application programs on the frontend node. Please submit a job to the batch system instead of it.

--Tanisuke 15:09, 5 October 2009 (PDT)